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FocusOn...ICAO - 1 February 2023

ESASI FocusOn…ICAO took place on 1 February 2023. The aim of this free session was to increase the understanding of aviation safety investigators on the breadth of ICAO’s activities relative to accident investigation.

Speakers and Content

The principal speakers were: Padhraic Kelleher, President of the Air Navigation Commission; Thor Thormodsson, Air Accident Investigator, ICAO Air Navigation Bureau; Arnaud Desjardin, Safety Officer ICAO EUR/NAT Regional Office Paris; Olivier Ferrante, Chair ICAO Accident Investigation Group Panel; and Simon Lie, Annex 13 Research Group. The session was chaired by Kate Fitzgerald, Inspector of Air Accidents from the Air Accident Investigation Unit (AAIU) of Ireland.

FocusOn...ICAO covered the ICAO organisation from the 1944 Chicago Convention, through its structure, guidance material, circulars, State Letters and Annexes. It looked at its implementation and explore the Annexes particularly relevant to the air accident investigation community, which includes Annex 13. The session concluded with an open discussion on the topics covered.


  • Padhraic Kelleher - President, Air Navigation Commission: Introduction to the International Civil Aviation Organization

  • Thormodur Thormodsson, AIG Lead – ICAO HQ Montreal: ICAO Operational Involvement

  • Arnaud Desjardin, Regional Officer, Safety – ICAO EURNAT: ICAO and its Annexes and Protection of Safety Data

  • Simon Lie, Member – ICAO Accident Investigation Panel: ICAO and its Impact on Industry

  • Olivier Ferrante, AIGP Chairperson: Annex 13 and ICAO AIG Panel (AIGP)

  • ESASI 2023, Bratislava

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