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FocusOn…Behind the Flight Deck Door

The ESASI Committee is pleased to announce that the next topic in our popular ESASI ‘FocusOn…’ series is the important subject of ‘Behind the Flight Deck Door’ It will take place on Wednesday 29 May 2024, starting at 13:00 UTC and will be held on Zoom (Zoom access will open at 12:45 UTC). The topics covered will include Lithium-Ion Batteries, cabin safety considerations in accident investigation, disruptive passenger behaviour and its impact on crew well-being and flight safety, cabin evacuations and minimum cabin crew regulations.

The event will be chaired by Joann Sheehan, Chair of ISASI Cabin Safety Working Group. Confirmed speakers are:

Dr. James Blundell, Cranfield University, UK

Zuzana Chin, Cranfield University, UK

Lisa Fitzsimons, UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch

Candace Kolander, Air Line Pilots Association

Darlene Maclachlan, ICAO Air Navigation Bureau

Marie Laure Moulard, Airbus

Mark Phaneuf, Air Line Pilots Association

The event is FREE but registration is REQUIRED. To register, please email The event is scheduled for a maximum of 120 minutes.

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